Power Plants

Diesel power plants

CPD05 is especially designed for diesel engine applications engine output exceeding 1000 kW. Any type of metal particles can be detected both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic like bearing metals. Sensor can be applied both in dry sump and wet sump machinery. Sensors can be standalone sensors connected to each engine. Two or more engines are controlled usually from power plant control room. CPD sensors from multiple engines can be linked via digital interface to one graphical user interface.

Gas engines

No matter the fuel of the engine is natural gas or biogas, engine reliability is the key issue. CPD05 is suitable for gas engine applications engine output exceeding 1000 kW. Gas engine applications have special requirements in lubrication. Therefore, engine oil quality monitoring is vital for maximum performance. Multiple engines can be monitored remotely via LAN or serial port interface.

OM-Finland - Power Plants 1

OM-Finland - Power Plants 2