CPD05 is especially designed for diesel engine applications engine output exceeding 1000 kW. Detection of metal particles in lube oil is method which well in advance gives alert about pending failure, even before temperature rise or vibration alerts. Any type of metal particles can be detected both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic like bearing metals.

One specific feature makes the CPD05 unique and user friendly. The sensor can be remotely cleaned by the operator or the cleaning can be fully automatic depending on user requirements. All machinery even healthy ones have and generate random chips that should be cleaned in order to keep full readiness of the sensor. After cleaning, the sensor is back to normal sensing mode.

Another feature enables several particle detections even though they are fully simultaneous. CPD05 is equipped with three independent channels. Typical sensor location is in bypass flow of lube oil and before filterng. Also, connection to the main oil line can be done.

CPD05 technical data

Sensor unit
Chip size detected: 0,5 mm and more, independent of metal magnetic characteristics
Fluid flow rate: 0,5-6 (l/s)
Fluid temperature: 0…+120 °C
Fluid pressure max.: 12 bar
Fluid types: hydraulic and lubrication oils, synthetic and mineral oils, solvents and most fuels
Power supply: + 24 V DC
Standby current: 10 mA
Engine oil pipeline: SAE 3000 series BSP 11/4”
Sensor unit dimensions: 190x175x110 mm
Sensor unit weight: 6 kg
Electronics unit dimensions: 240x191x107 mm
Electronics unit weight: 1,5 kg
Electronics environmental
Temperature: -40…+60 °C
Ingress protection (EN 60529): IP 65
Impact resistance (EN 62262): IK07
Digital interface options
Ethernet, TCP/IP
S 232, RS 485 Modbus, Profibus