Products & Applications


Continuous particle detector CPD from OM-Finland Oy detects, alerts and counts the presence of all metal particles in non-conductive fluid systems (lubrication oil, heat transfer fluids, hydraulic fluid etc.). CPD also detects water-in-oil and gives moisture-in-oil (MIO) alerts.

OM-Finland - CPD02

CPD02 is especially designed for transmissions and hydraulics applications where chip size of 100µm is signal of possible bending failure. Any type of metal particles and water-in-oil can be detected.

OM-Finland - CPD05

CPD05 is especially designed for diesel engine applications engine output exceeding 1 MW. Any type of metal particles and water-in-oil can be detected.


Typical applications for CPD sensor are:

  • - Diesel engines; marine, transportation, industry, emergency power etc.
  • - Gear boxes; wind turbines, marine, process industry, mining etc.
  • - Power train bearings; land and sea transportation
  • - Marine thrusters; azimuth, VSP etc.
  • - Turbine bearings; hydro power, gas and steam turbines
  • - Rotating mechanical equipment
  • - Centralized lubrication systems; process industry

OM-Finland - Maritime

Ship propulsion and real time on line monitoring of ships main engines, gears and thrusters is always critical for the crew and ship owner. Machinery health monitoring on board vessel is essential but data is very valuable also for on shore monitoring.

OM-Finland - Wind Farms

Wind turbines are operated and controlled remotely. Remarkable amount of data is collected from the running machinery 24/7. Monitoring the gear box condition is one of the most important tasks.

OM-Finland - Emergency Power

Numerous businesses and industries have the need for backup power in order to minimize downtimes and damages when electricity blackout occurs.

OM-Finland - Power Plant

Sensor is suitable for machine condition monitoring in various energy production units,  for example applying with  hydro power turbines, CHP plants turbines, pumps, mills etc. and even with nuclear power emergency power units